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1 st National Sensory Integration Congress With International Contribution

Dear colleagues and guests

We are pleased to announce the 1st National Sensory Integration Congress With International Contrubution, taking place 12-13  April 2019 in İstanbul-TURKEY.

The impacts of sensory experiences on development and behavior are getting more attention day by day. Scientific researches show the effects of sensory experiences clearly on emotion, behavior and learning via brain plasticity. In addition to these, it is known that the positive effects of a sensory experiences are related to individual, situation, time and environment interactions. Sensory Integration Disorders that are defined as the deficit in registrating, regulating, interpreting and performing adaptive response to  sensory input and that are affecting the functionality of individual’s daily life, are seen frequently in recent time. In 1970s, A. Jean Ayres developed “Sensory integration Theory” in which she asserted the effects of sensory experiences on behavior. Ayres created a series of tests to prove and improve her a sensory integration theory (first version- Southern California Sensory Integration Test-SCSIT, last version- Sensory Integration and Praxis Test-SIPT).  After improving these tests and applying them on various populations, she discovered the relations of specific sensory systems with specific behavioral outcomes. Moreover, Ayres developed a therapy model to intervene this type of difficulties. Today this model that includes her theory, assessment and intervention is called Ayres Sensory Integration®.

Our congress aims to bring together many academicians and clinicians from different disciplines with a program that includes scientific data and evidence-based practices from Ayres to the present day with the theme "From Theory to Practice". With this congress, participants will be able to hear the basics of Ayres Sensory Integration®,  the differences between Ayres Sensory Integration® Intervention and other sensory based interventions, the neurophysiological foundations sensory integration theory and the data driven decision making system that is followed in the intervention program from international speakers.


We look forward to see you in our informative, stimulating and scientific sensory Integration congress with opportunities for sharing expertise, building relations between clinicians and researchers.




Our respects,

Sensory Integration Association of Turkey

Chairman of the Board